Monthly Archive: March 2014

Details On Transmission Fluid Change


Transmission fluid is another point that has to be taken care of while servicing the vehicle. In fact, the need and time for change will vary according to the type and usage of the cars. Normally, there will be no need for the change in transmission fluids often only after 100,000 miles this requirement will start. But some mechanics state that the change of transmission fluid has to be done every 50,000 miles as it will be a very long if the change is done after 100,000 miles. Manual changes will have a different schedule, and it can be followed with the help of owner’s manual. This change is said to be essential as the transmission fluid will also deteriorate like the other automotive fluids. Some of the prime reasons that cause this type of deterioration are listed here.

First is the hard usage that will be including the frequent stop-and-go driving, trailer towing and hauling heavy loads. If this type of driving is encouraged then, this will cause an increase in the transmission temperature and the heat generated will affect the other vital parts of the car. The heat will affect the transmission liquid that will be responsible for smooth gear shifts and lubricate the other moving parts in the vehicle. If the driving of the vehicle will be done on hard roads, then the transmission fluid has to be done checked often than usual.

A very easy way to find the need for a change of transmission liquid is the color of the transmission liquid that will be usually red, and if it changes then the replacement has to be done. In some cases, there will be a burned odor from the vehicle, and this also shows the age of the transmission fluid. If the refill is not done at the right time, then it will lead to many other mechanical problems.